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The Process

how it works

The consultation

Let's get to know each other.

Think about your dream room. Who lives there? How is the space used? Who do you share it with? Do you have a budget in mind? A time frame? Do yo have a style? (you might say you don't know....we will get there).

Your wants and needs

Now that we know what you don't like about your room, and we determined your 

wants, it's time for the fun process of getting o know how you envision your space. Function and form begin shape the design process.

Mood boards

The fun part When all those creative juices, calculations, do's and dont's, budget and styles, all come together to start to create a VIBE. it's  a MOOD. A MOOD board. And a room is born, right before of eyes.

The layout

Once we answer the right questions, we properly address the use of space. We designate different areas of use, and determine the best traffic, and flow, and furniture arrangements. The skeleton is taking shape. Now we can allow our imagination  to run free

Bringing it to life

After revisions, what once was just a mood  becomes a REALITY. Final renderings are submitted, we begin to shop, and place orders, and hand select every detail, plan logistics, manage projects and work on time frames, permits, 

tracking .. it would be exhausting if it wasn't so exciting.


 Just relax and enjoy a beautiful, functional 

aesthetically pleasing, well- thought out, and one-of-a -kind, custom environment. You can also call it HOME. Where you want to be. Are you ready to tackle the next project ? 

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