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A beautiful and functional environment has to be accessible to everyone whether is your forever home or a transitional space.

Design is often seen as a luxury item. We believe luxury can be achieved  by making the most of any budget.

Working with a creative team allows you to access the power of vision, planning, sourcing and ultimately delivering  a unique dream space.

Here we are offering reachable solutions online thru E-design  and of course in person. Want to know what can we do for you? 


Creative Concepts is a Miami Beach based design firm for real life challenges and "outside the box " concepts for everyday people.

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                           oming from a lively, dynamic, and diverse city as Sao Paulo, Brazil, I've always known that seeking an aestheticaly pleasing and harmonious environment is a natural part of me. Our company was created in beautiful, sunny, and inspiring  Miami, FL, where I've lived for the past 20 years and that I call home. Design is an extension of an inner feeling, and more often than it should, it keeps being pushed away for the "right" moment.
We believe the right moment is now, regardless of your living arrangement, budget, or lifestyle.

With a lifetime of continuous learning, a trained eye, good taste, and an absolute passion for creating functional and beautiful spaces, I see endless possibilities in how to use colors, patterns, shapes, and underrated items to imagine and reflect the environment that represents the client. No project scope is too small or too big. From a blank canvas to interior rearranging, every project is a newborn full of potential. 

Ultimatelly, a well-thought out space is an experience, and we are ready to take you on a journey...

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Head Designer 

We speak    English  .   Portuguese .   Spanish .  Italian  .   Design   

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